The Best Antenatal Class: We Make Happy Parents

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Caroline said:

“We attended the happy baby class this morning ahead of the arrival of our first baby and found the class to be an excellent introductory antenatal class and learned a lot that will help us with our baby. Katie, the midwife, was very informative and answered all of our questions. Would really recommend this class.”

Fionnuala said:

“Excellent, free class provided by Aisling. She covered a huge amount of material in the 2 and a half hours, giving practical advice, clear demonstration, and gave extra time to answer all questions clearly. It was obvious she is an expert in her field. Very reassuring and great to focus your attention on things you mightn’t have considered in preparation for your baby’s arrival. Thanks so much, Aisling, I’m looking forward to the masterclass next month, I signed up straight away!”

Sarah said:

“I registered for this class by chance and up to the day of, I was not sure if I was going to do it. I AM SO GLAD I DID!!!!! I was glued to the class once it started, was so easy to follow and Aisling gave various demonstrations throughout different parts of the class to ensure you were left with no doubts about how to perform certain tasks. I barely had any questions at the end because she had actually answered them as the class went on. Aisling is a world of knowledge and I felt so prepared when I finished this class, I signed up for the masterclass straight away. I would highly recommend this class to all pregnant moms to be out there. I’m really looking forward to the masterclass, thanks so much Aisling x”

Patricia said:

“The Advertisement for Happy Baby came up on my Instagram feed and I enrolled in the 2 hr free class and I’m so glad I did. Aishling was great and she covered a huge amount in 2 hrs! , the class was very informative and very practical, she not only explained but also gave demonstrations and gave extra time to answer all questions. I found the class and Aishling to be very supportive and reassuring and it’s great knowing that she and the team are available to answer questions even via Instagram. Have enrolled for the masterclass and I’m really looking forward to it.”

Basia said:

“Excellent class, would highly recommend to everyone. We did a free baby care class and paid masterclass and both times we were not disappointed. Aisling has so much knowledge and patience and answers every question. Masterclass put our minds at ease and gave us that boost of confidence we needed.”

Polly said:

“This class is excellent. I am currently pregnant with my second child. I wish I had come across this class with my first. So many helpful tips that I really didn’t realise or know the first time around. Aisling is very natural and makes it all less overwhelming. She obviously has many years of experience in this area. She is a world of information with great tips and cost-saving ideas. Would highly recommend the class to expectant mothers.”

Sam said:

“Excellent class with really practical advice. As soon-to-be parents for the first time, my husband and I both feel a lot more ready! Just the right amount of detail with the option to have any questions answered. Aisling was very clear and the two hours flew by! Highly recommend!”

Antonela said:

“Great, informative 2h session. New information/details were discussed that were not discussed in other antenatal classes that I took part in. What made this session different than others – lots of baby demonstrations (e.g. bathing your baby, changing nappies, dressing baby) great to see it put in practice as well as theory. Visual learning is much better. Lots of content provided.”

Eidin said:

“I could not recommend the Happy Baby Class enough! Aisling is gifted with knowledge and expertise in the area of Antenatal care which she uses to provide such a positive experience during her online classes. The class really ticked all the boxes for me – I enrolled in the class with worries, questions, and anxiety and completed the class with confidence and answers! Aisling goes above and beyond to answer all questions and gives as much information as she possibly can in order to put your mind at ease. I would absolutely recommend it to a friend! Thank you so much Happy Baby Class!”

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